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We've been in the Event Industry since 2012, and have tons of amazing work to look back on. Check out some of the past events from our Award winning planners for inspiration and confidence as you choose the Event Management Company that’s right for you.

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Trade Show Booth Management

Las Vegas, NV

From planning and setup to on-site coordination and teardown, we ensured every aspect of this 30x30 booth was flawlessly executed. With our meticulous attention to detail and extensive industry knowledge, we navigated the bustling event environment so the client could focus on engaging with attendees and maximizing the brand's presence. 

National Convention

Orlando, FL

Through meticulous event planning and coordination, we successfully orchestrated a remarkable annual event for over 600 participants. From handling registration logistics to ensuring seamless onsite execution, we left no detail unchecked. Attendees were treated to enriching workshops and presentations by subject matter experts, while also enjoying a spirited golf tournament, valuable networking opportunities, and an exclusive closing night celebration. Our dedicated efforts ensured a flawless experience for all, leaving a lasting impression on participants who traveled from across the nation to be part of this extraordinary event.


Annual National Awards Dinner

New Orleans, LA

From arranging accommodations and coordinating food and beverage services to managing registration and overseeing vendor relationships, we flawlessly executed all necessary arrangements. Attendees immersed themselves in three days of valuable knowledge, exploring best practices and current trends while actively engaging with vendors. The event commenced with a mesmerizing laser dance show and a spirited parade through the lively streets of New Orleans. Our comprehensive event management services ensured a seamless and extraordinary experience, making the convention a resounding success.

Virtual Conference


Leveraging innovative technology, we seamlessly delivered 67 unique sessions, offering up to 6 concurrent sessions to cater to diverse interests. Despite the virtual format, our careful planning ensured that attendees experienced the same level of knowledge-sharing, interaction, and networking as in an in-person event. Through our adept virtual event management, we created a meaningful and impactful experience for participants.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Annual Installation Dinner

Newport Beach, CA

We expertly managed seating arrangements, strategically arranging the layout to maximize comfort and facilitate meaningful connections among guests. Recognizing the significance of the event, we implemented a high-level security detail, ensuring the safety and privacy of all participants. Our culinary expertise was showcased through a carefully curated food and beverage selection, catering to diverse preferences and delivering a delightful dining experience. Through our meticulous planning, we crafted an event that seamlessly blended logistics, security, culinary excellence, and moments of honor, creating an unforgettable evening for all attendees.

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