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Discover the extraordinary services provided by our renowned planners at Wicked Experience Design. With a focus on customization and client satisfaction, we offer a range of expert solutions that are tailored to meet your specific event needs. Read on to explore the diverse services our nationally recognized team offers.

Freelance Services Available!

Concept & Theme Design

Seeking fresh and innovative ideas? Let our creative minds ignite your event with unique themes and captivating concepts that will leave your guests buzzing with excitement.

Budget & Cost Control

Establishing a well-developed budget is paramount, and our dedicated team will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive financial plan. We'll also provide ongoing guidance on cost controls, ensuring you stay on target throughout the planning process.

Attendee Management

Streamline your event's attendee management with our professional assistance. From sending invites to tracking registrations, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of attendee management seamlessly. We can even provide a pre-built registration system for added convenience!

Risk Management

Safeguard your event's success by entrusting us with risk management. Whether it's ensuring enhanced security for VIPs or implementing comprehensive health and safety protocols, we'll develop a customized plan that caters to your specific requirements, guaranteeing the utmost safety and well-being of your guests in any situation.

Cvent Registration

No need for you to have your own license or reg site developed. We have everything you need to create a bespoke registration site that fits your needs.

Contract Negotiations

Leave the intricate negotiations to us! Our skilled negotiators will liaise with vendors, venues, and speakers to ensure that all contracts align perfectly with your needs and expectations. Rest assured, we'll leverage our expertise to secure favorable terms for you.

Vendor Management

With our vast experience, we understand the importance of selecting the right vendors. Our attentive planners will attentively listen to your requirements and assist you in contracting with the finest partners who align perfectly with your event's vision and goals.

Onsite Production

Sit back and relax while we take charge of your event's onsite logistics. Our experienced planners will meticulously manage the schedule and serve as your onsite managers, ensuring everything runs seamlessly, adheres to timelines, and remains within budget.

Virtual Events

Transition your traditional event into the virtual realm with ease. From selecting the ideal virtual event platform to flawlessly executing the entire event, we possess the expertise to bring your vision to life in the virtual space.

Need Something Specific?

Reach out to us using the Contact Us button below and let us know what you need. Whether you need someone to take over or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, we've got you covered! 

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